New Mental Health & Well-Being Section Opens At Wicklow Library

A project aimed at the promotion and nurturing of mental health through reading was initiated by Wicklow Mental Health Association in conjunction with Wicklow Library Service.
A new section was introduced at Wicklow Library in 2012 which is dedicated to Mental Health and Well-Being publications.
This new section provides the opportunity for the people of Wicklow to avail of a range of useful self-help books in the areas of depression, anxiety, bullying, stress, mindfulness and feeling good.
These books were purchased by Wicklow Mental Health Association from funds raised in our community which brought this innovative initiative to fruition.
Wicklow Mental Health Association are very grateful to the people in our community for their generosity which has enabled us to provide this innovative resource aimed at promoting positive mental health and reducing stigma.

The following books are currently available from Wicklow Library

Book Titles Authors
Flagging The Problem Dr. Harry Barry
Flaqgging The Therapy Dr. Harry Barry
Flagging The Stress Dr. Harry Barry
Depression - Your Way Out Of Prison Dorothy Rowe
Depression An Emotion Not A Disease Dr. Michael Corry/Dr. Aine Turbidy
Depression - The Common Sense Approach Tony Bates
Shoot the Damn Dog : A Memoir of Depression Sally Brampton
The Mindful Way Through Depression - Freeing Yourself From Chronic Jon Kabat Zinn/Zindel Segal
Unhappiness Mark Williams/John Teasdale
The Feeling Good Handbook David E. Burns
Coping with Anxiety and Depression Shirley Trickett
Overcoming Depression : Guide to Recovery with a Self-help Programme Paul Gilbert
Depression and How to Survive it Dr. Anthony Clare/Spike Milligan
Coping with Depression and Elation Dr. Patrick McKeown
Resolving Bullying Fiona McAuslan/Peter Nicholson
Resolving Anger Fiona McAuslan/Peter Nicholson
Resolving Bereavement Fiona McAuslan/Peter Nicholson
Resolving Sibling Rivalry Fiona McAuslan/Peter Nicholson
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