Wicklow Mental Health Talk


Wicklow Mental Health Association will be holding a free talk at 8pm on Monday, May 14th 2018 at the Grand Hotel, in Wicklow Town entitled, Relationship repair: how to communicate better, reduce conflict & rekindle that spark!

In this evidence-based talk, local relationship coach and human givens psychotherapist Ann Marie Taylor will explain the underlying dynamics of relationships & the real reasons they succeed or breakdown.

The talk will cover:

3 simple behaviours that protect and nourish your relationship 

How to make your partner feel loved and supported

How to reduce conflict

How to communicate better

Behaviours that harm and why they develop

The two main patterns of relationship breakdown & how to prevent them 

How stress & emotion affect our thinking

Talking to a wall -why this happens & what you can do 

Human Givens Psychotherapy: is a brief solution focused therapy. 

It is evidence-based combining knowledge from psychology, neuroscience & psychotherapy. It starts from where the person is now and focuses on changing the present & future (rather than talking at length about the past). This talk is based on more than 40 years of research by the Gottman Institute in Washington.


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