National Organisations

Providing Non Judgemental Confidential Emotional Support
Samaritans are available round the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
You don't have to be suicidal to call them.
CALL any time you like, in your own way, and off the record – about whatever’s getting to you.
Need help? Call them free any time, from any phone on 116 123
Website: www.samaritans.org/your-community/samaritans-ireland-scotland-and-wales/samaritans-ireland

Pieta House
Preventing Suicide & Self Harm - Bereavement Counselling
Pieta House is a non-profit organisation providing a specialised treatment programme for people who have suicidal ideation or who participate in self-harming behaviors.
Pieta House now operates the Suicide Bereavement Counselling centres that had previously been operated by Console
Contact: 1800 247 247
Text: HELP to 51444
Website: www.pieta.ie

Your Supporting Light Through Depression
Aware provides support & information for people who experience depression or bipolar disorder and their concerned loved ones.
Contact: Lo-call 1890 303 302
Website: www.aware.ie
Aware have a weekly Support Group in Bray Please click here for details. Link to Local Support Groups Page

Nurturing Your Mental Health Growth
GROW's mission is to nurture mental health, personal growth, prevention and full recovery from all kinds of mental illness
Contact: Lo-call 1890 474 474
Website: www.grow.ie
Grow have a weekly Support Group in Bray Please click here for details. Link to Local Support Groups Page

Recovery Self Help Method, Ireland is a HSE-funded, charity that provides a specialised form of cognitive-behavioural training to its members. There are no fees, and people can come for 5 weeks, or even 5 years; whatever you need to help you get better.
Contact: 01 626 0775
Website: www.recoveryireland.ie
Recovery have a weekly Support Group in Bray Please click here for details. Link to Local Support Groups Page

Supporting People Affected By Mental Ill Health
Shine is the national organisation dedicated to upholding the rights and addressing the needs of all those affected by mental ill health, through the promotion and provision of high quality services and working to ensure the continual enhancement of the quality of life of the people it serves.
Contact: Lo-call 1890 621 631
Website: www.shine.ie

Supporting People Affected By Eating Disorders
Bodywhys provide support, awareness and understanding of eating disorders amongst the wider community as well as advocating for the rights and healthcare needs of people affected by eating disorders.
Contact: Lo Call 1890 200 444
Website: www.bodywhys.ie

Alzheimer’s Society Of Ireland
The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is the leading dementia specific service provider in Ireland.
Contact: Freephone 1 800 341 341
Website: www.alzheimer.ie

Please click on this link for support services in County Wicklow Link to Local Support Groups Page

Teen Line
Teen Line are available if you need someone to talk to. All calls are confidential and they can’t see your number and you don’t have to give them your name or location. It is safe and secure.
Contact: Freephone 1 800 833 634
Text: TEEN to 50015
Website: www.teenline.ie

Spun Out
SpunOut.ie is Ireland's youth website created by young people for young people that promotes general wellbeing and healthy living among people aged 16-25.
Contact: 01 675 3554
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.spunout.ie

Child Line
Childline Online is for young people up to the age of 18 if you need to chat.
If you have been affected by bullying you may access support by
Text: Text the word BULLY to 50101
Text: Text the word TALK to 50101.
These services are available from 10am to 4am every day.
Website: www.childline.ie

Mental Health Ireland
Mental Health Ireland provide a complete guide to mental health problems, topical issues and treatment options which are available by opening the link below:
A–Z – Where to go for information in Ireland
Click here: www.mentalhealthireland.ie

Health Services Executive (HSE)
The HSE provide a wealth of information on their website which include their Little Things Campaign.
Website: www.hse.ie

Little Things Mental Health Campaign
Little Things is a positive mental health campaign created by the HSE’s Mental Health and Communications Divisions and 32 partner organisations. One of the strategic priorities of the Mental Health division is to promote positive mental health and to reduce the loss of life through suicide.
The campaign focuses on sharing evidence-based, simple and powerful day-to-day steps – little things that we can all do to protect our own mental health, and support the people we care about.
People are encouraged to eat and sleep well, take regular exercise, talk about their problems, drink less alcohol and stay in touch and spend time with others – all proven to improve mental health.
The campaign brings people to the mental health one stop shop, yourmentalhealth.ie for more information and the Samaritans’ 116123 national free to call number for a listening ear. The work was strongly supported by the HSE’s Communications Division, and is an example of a campaign designed to change the shape and tone of the mental health/suicide prevention sector by encouraging everyone to work together and solve a major signposting issue for the public.


Please click on the link below for more details:

For more information on the LittleThings Campaign, visit www.yourmentalhealth.ie
You can also follow the campaign on:
• Twitter: @littlethingshub
• Facebook: www.facebook.com/littlethingshub

Mind UK
Mind UK provide an extensive collection of information about mental health and related topics. Mind is a national UK charity with many regional branches.
Click here www.mind.org.uk



Recovery International
Contact Us – Permissions

Recovery Incorporated - America
Welcome to Recovery INC if you are going through mental health problems & medical problems their is some things you should know find out more by visiting our website.
Abraham Lowe – problem opening links to website

Recovery Inc Org Mental & Medical Help Care – UK

Recovery International - America
Recovery International gives people the tools to lead more peaceful and productive lives.

Rethink.Org - London
Our goal is a better life for everyone affected by mental illness.

Recovery Inc Org Mental & Medical Help Care - UK

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